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Zero Liquid Discharge Treatment
Nov 19
Zero Liquid Discharge Treatment
  • November 7, 2019
  • SK Saurav

Zero Liquid Discharge Treatment System is advanced technology for water treatment. The system comes in need of variations in Waste contamination with a flow. It allows to do the adjustment in the volume of required chemicals. The process is done to recover near about 95 percent of liquid wastewater in need of reuse. Through the process, you can treat and retrieve potential byproducts from the wastewater mingled with salts and brines. Even the system removes solid cake and other dry contaminates from water.

We are from SAMR Industries located at Kolkata and we provide the service for many kind of water treatment plant and even the plant using by Zero Liquid Discharge Treatment. We provide quality services with our skilled engineers and workers. The quality of equipment used in the water treatment plant is the best and as a whole, customers get a full satisfaction from our services. Whenever customers come to us to know details of the water treatment plant, we then satisfy them from our part. In that time, we make them clear about the benefit of the plant including the price which is really affordable by any kind of people.  Just call us with the given number in website and then our team will a warm response.


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