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Solar RO System
Nov 19
Solar RO System
  • November 5, 2019
  • SK Saurav

Solar RO System is a new concept in India. In such Systems, Solar energy is used to power the RO systems which furthermore generate clean water for drinking purpose. This type of Solar RO Plants can purify water from any sources like water from river, pond, bore well. SOLAR RO system consists of power generation unit and desalination unit. Electricity needed by the system will be supplied by the Solar PV array, Since the RO unit needs a stable power supply, and batteries will be connected for supplying stable power. The energy produced by the PV is stored in battery Bank. The stored energy is used for powering the loads.

We are SAMR Industries located at Kolkata and we are the valuable manufacturer of Solar RO System. SAMR Industries has been in the same RO system for a long period of time and we are skilled in the Solar RO System. Basically, our manufacturing unit is designed with experienced team which is built with a number of experts. We use the latest and effective technology to manufacture solar RO system and for that, the water from Solar RO comes out as a safe drinking water. We provide our services at a reasonable cost.


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