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Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant
Nov 19
Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant
  • November 2, 2019
  • SK Saurav

Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant is designed with high durable tank which is compact with decentralized manner in any location such as underground or above the ground. The plant is processed with sewage parameters including BOD, COD, TSS and TN which is stimulated by pollution control Board. In three ways, Preliminary and secondary and Tertiary,  Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant to be run.  In the secondary section, the plant is to be worked on a number of zones such as Anaeboric, Anoxic , Aeration, Sedimentation. In the third process, you can are acknowledged with Tertiary Treatment. In the primary system, the sewage water is to be processed through a bar screen just to remove large objects like can, rags, plastics.

SAMR Industries is one of the best provider to set up packaged sewage treat plant. We have a skilled team built with expert workers who do the all the works with much more care and sincere effort. We have been in the water treatment project installation for a long time and our project quality is beyond of thought. Our charge is very reasonable and anyone can afford our charge very easily. The most important thing is that we generally give our service free of cost for a certain time after the work completion if any dispute comes in the treatment.


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