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Ion Exchange Equipment
Nov 19
Ion Exchange Equipment
  • November 1, 2019
  • SK Saurav


Ion Exchange Equipment is to be used just to control the ionic particles in the potable as well as Industrial process of water. Through the system, water is to be treated with a tank with the Ion Exchange Resin. The water flows through the resin just to exchange ions and charge the resin in the tank. The resin means calcium, magnesium with a mixture of sodium. The process is used to do replacement of ions from the water and from the resin. From time to time, this process needs to be done in water treatment plant.

SAMR Industries is an ideal business organization for water treatment plant as well as all the water treatment equipment such as Ion Exchange Equipment. We have been giving the services in Kolkata and its surroundings cities for a long time. The quality of equipment comes with a high range that really satisfies the customers positively. The most important fact is that our existing customers are very satisfied with the best price when they come to get their required equipment for water treatment plant.


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