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Diary Effluent Treatment
Oct 19
Diary Effluent Treatment
  • October 31, 2019
  • SK Saurav

Every production unit needs water treatment plant which controls BOD, COD, TSS and Total Dissolved solids. In need of food and beverage industries, wastewater needs to be run out constantly with the process of effluent before discharge from the plant through environmental regulations. The removing of suspended solids in wastewater from dairies or dairy food processing is an essential activity and as result of that, produced food becomes free from wastewater or any related products .Diary Effluent Treatment plant  is a conventional water treatment plant and it is run with high technological process like aerobic processes including activated sludge process, rotating biological process and trickling system. This water treatment plant is commonly adopted which requires more energy for aeration.

We, SAMR Industries, have been running with the services for all kind of water treatment plants including Diary Effluent Treatment Plant for couple of years. We set the plant with imported quality materials and the potential services from our engineers.  As the end of our services, we provide a warranted period to the customers who will get free services for plant if any problem comes with the period. The most important thing for the customers is that we keep our charges very reasonable that everybody can afford very easily.


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