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Clariflocculator is a combined process of flocculation and clarification in only a single tank. The tank holds two concentric tanks and out of two, the inner tank serves as flocculation basin and the outer goes for clarifier. In the system of clariflocculator, the water enters into the flocculator and the paddles of flocculating stats to the process of flocculation of the feed solids. As the heavy materials are in the bottom, the liquid goes up radically towards the clarifier zone. Then the clarified liquid comes to be discharged over a weir into the launder. The deposited sludge comes downward near the central weir to be discharged.

SAMR Industries situated at Kolkata have been in water treatment plant installation including clariflocculation for a long period . We confidently can give the plant installation in best quality and the reason is that we keep skilled and experienced engineers in our workshop in 24 hours. Even the used materials in the water plant are imported quality. For that reason, our processed water treatment gets longevity for a couple of years. For the benefit of customers, we keep our charges very lower than the other concern.


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