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Chlorine Dioxide Generator
Nov 19
Chlorine Dioxide Generator
  • November 13, 2019
  • SK Saurav

Chlorine Dioxide Generator is the safest solution for disinfection and this particular generator is the potential water treatment equipment for iron and manganese removal controlling taste and odor control. Concentrated chemical precursors are vacuum fed to safely control reactions, maximizing chlorine dioxide yield efficiency at 95 percent and minimizing by-product formation. The generator is very easy to use and maintain.

We, SAMR industries located at Kolkata supplies water treatment equipment in need of all kind of water treatment plant either commercial and domestic. We only deal in imported quality materials as we know that the good water plant comes from the use of best quality equipment. We consider our customers as the main leaders to lead our business and for that we serve our customers with the best rate. We consider the way of payment through “cash system’ ‘Net Banking and even credit purchase but the last one comes only with our consideration.  Customers can come at our office at any point of time or they can contact us over phone.


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