Water Vending System

The water ATM is a new water machine built by Public Health Engineering Department, Govt. of West Bengal and it is automatically controlled by devices. The machine is customized with the facilities such as chilling and coin based facility. It will be installed with provision of Iron elimination filter or with the removal system done by activated carbon. As a result of that, the machine provides a crystal clear appearance of water through UV disinfection after elimination of bacteriological contamination. The Water ATM Project is to be lunched in need of providing ambient chill drinking water in every season with an affordable cost. The Water ATM is capable of dispensing up to 150 liters cool drinking water in an hour. Within 12 seconds, it gives you 1 liter chilled drinking water and it will run actively minimum 18 hours per day.

Benefit of Water ATM Machine

  • The Water ATM Machine gives completely clean and healthy drinking water.
  • The machine is one of the best cost effective source of safe and healthy drinking water in rural as well as urban area.
  • The water comes from the Water ATM machine is completely free from germs as the water is processed with reverse osmosis.
  • The Water ATM machine saves energy and time of the people are in a queue to get water for immediate drinking.
  • The Water ATM machine is an effective source of drinking water in those areas where there is lack of safe and drinking water.
  • The people do not have to be dependent on only packed drinking water which is more expensive.
  • At any moment, people can be able to take safe drinking water from the Water ATM machine and fulfill their water demand in need of their health.
  • At the Water ATM machine is always ready to give chilled safe drinking water, no one need to be worried about the water while traveling.