Iron Removal Plant

Iron in water makes a big problem for the people’s life. The high amount of iron in the water causes bad odour, changes the colour of water in reddish. This iron must be removed from water to make the water crystal clear. To remove iron from your drinking water, you need to built an iron removal plant in which we help you to build for your safe iron drinking water.

The common problem with the iron water is that reddish colour of iron keeps yellowish stains on your cloths and it also causes gastric disorders. Even the reddish colour of iron water makes the bathroom and kitchen stained looking. Our iron removal filters will help you to keep bathroom, kitchen and cloths stainless and you can use the filter very easily.

SAMR industries is the best manufacturer of iron removal plants. The price of the plants including installation charge is very affordable. We can provide the solution according to the needs of the clients. Though the iron removing filters are used in domestic purpose but the filters are widely used in the commercial purpose. In case of boilers and coolers, iron free water must be necessary. In need of beverage, iron free water comes to be needed. You come at us and fulfill your need with our services.

SAMR industry is to provide complete customer satisfaction from its end and the clients come with a rush from hotels, restaurants, hospitals and different industrial plants.  We use simple technology and give service to dissolve ferrous iron salt just to turn insoluble ferric salt in the drinking water. The maintenance is very easy that you can do with our help and every day you can keep containers with clean water. We are ready to hear your sound.