Hand Pump Iron Removal Plant

Hand Pump Iron Removal Plant is built with a mild steel fabricated vessel filled with resin in need of iron removal. The inner portion of IRP is to be given with a touch of anti-corrosive rubber plant. The system is fitted with 3 way valve. The water from the hand pump goes through the IRP machine and even through the iron removal resin which removes the iron completely. After a certain time, resin comes to be saturated and again the resin is to be regenerated. From time to time, regeneration is to be done by back washing without any touch of chemicals. Sometimes, the three way valve needs to be changed in need of backwash. Now the hand pump is pumped out and water starts to come IRP from the other way. At this time, the stored iron will pass out into the drain after washing.  When the water comes from the IRP, then the water is cleaned and completely iron free. The interval between two times backwash is five to ten minutes.