Arsenic Removal Plant

The very common and dreadful problem in water is arsenic and the water is unsafe completely when the water is mixed at least a bit of arsenic. The first concern regarding safe water is that removing arsenic from water. There are two options which are a new safe source and removal of arsenic from the source of water.  There are lots of methods available to remove arsenic from water. The methods are discussed below.

Oxidation – Atmospheric oxygen is mostly available oxidizing agent and it is processed by the air. It is good to know that the method of oxidation is very slow system with a time of at least seven days. Air oxidation can be operated by the bacteria alkali, solutions, copper and high temperature.

Passive oxidation and sedimentation

Oxidation processed with oxygen in the air at the time of collection in the house can be a cause of a reduction of arsenic in the stored water. It is a passive sedimentation. The reduction of Arsenic  appears dependently on the water and there is presence of iron in water. As result of that, high alkalinity and presence of iron help arsenic removal by storage.

Coagulation and Filtration – Coagulation and filtration runs with metals salts along with lime. It is very documented method for arsenic removal from water.

Several sportive media like activated alumina, activated carbon, iron and manganese coated sand, kaolinite clay, hydrated ferric oxide, activated bauxite, titanium oxide, silicium oxide and many natural and synthetic media have been reported to remove arsenic from water. The efficiency of sorptive media depends on the use of oxidising agents as aids to provoke the sorption of arsenic on the media.

Adsorption (Sorptive Filtration) – For Arsenic removal, there are a lot of sorptive medias like alumina, iron and manganese coated sand, titanium oxide and many other synthetic medias are to be used.

Ion Exchange – Ion exchange is same as activated alumina that means the media with synthetic resin.  The ion exchange process is not dependent on PH of water.

Membrane Technique – Membrane technique is use with synthetic membranes just to eliminate a lot of contaminants such as pathogens, various metal irons from water. The removal of Arsenic by membrane filtration is totally dependent on PH.