Anthracite Filter Media is obtained through proper grading after the process of Mining and Crushing, It is used as a single layer in multimedia filtration in combination with the sand media for the effective removal of suspended solids and reduces turbidity.

Anthracite Filter Media are filtration materials for turbidity and SS removal. Since the specific gravity is lighter than that of Filter Sand, it is much used in combination with Filter Sand in dual-media filtration, to consist reverse grain layers after backwashing. In addition, because of high content carbon of this product, it has high resistance to various chemicals and high physical strength so that it is widely used for city and industrial water purification.

Anthracite Coal is High Carbon, Low VM , ASH & Sulphur product having uses in metal smelting and filter media.

FC:  85% MIn

Sulphur: 0.4% Max

Ash: 12% Max