Drinking Water Treatment Plant

Drinking water treatment is the process which removes disease causing agents from water. Public drinking water treatment is systems are numerous methods of water treatment which supplies safe drinking water for the communities. The most commonly used steps for water treatment are furnished below.

Coagulation and Flocculation

Coagulation and Flocculation are the main steps are the first and foremost steps in water treatment. Chemicals are to be added to the water during the time of process. The positive charge from the chemicals cleans the negative dirt and some other particles dissolved in the water.

Sedimentation – For sedimentation, floc is to be settled at the bottom of water supply for its weight and the process of setting is called sedimentation.

Filtration – After the floc is to be settled down at the bottom layer of water supply, the clear water from the top will run through the filters made of sand, gravel and charcoal.  This process is the best way to remove dissolved particles such as dust, parasites, viruses and chemicals.

Disinfection – When the filtration of water is done completely, a disinfectant such as chlorine or chloramine is need to added with the water just to kill parasites , viruses and bacteria. The process is done either in home or businesses.

What is house hold water system?  

House hold water means the standards for public drinking water and home water treatment unit works to remove specific contaminants from water. The water keeps an extra precaution for the house hold members just to compromise immune system. The process increases the taste of water. Basically, house water treatment systems are two type such as Point-of-entry system and point of use. Point of use systems are the process of supply through tap to the kitchen, bathroom. Point of entry systems are installed with water meter. Some of the best methods used in the house hold water system are furnished below.

Filtration Systems – To do filtration system, a water filter is required to remove the impurities from water with the help of physical barrier, chemical and even biological process.

Water Softeners – Water Softener is an effective device which reduces the hardness and increases the softness of the water quickly. The water softener is worked with sodium and potassium ions to keep calcium and magnesium ions with perfect measurement.

Distillation – Distillation is  one of the best process for house hold water treatment. In the process, water is boiled first and then the steam is collected and condensed in a different container keeping away the solid contaminants behind.

Disinfection – Disinfection is processed chemically or physically for both of the purposes. The process kills the microorganisms using chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ozone. Even the process is included ultraviolet light, heat and radiation.

SAMR Industries provides the services for drinking water treatment through systems mentioned above.