Mobile Water Treatment Plant

Mobile water treatment plant provides reliable and cost effective service for water crisis. Mobile water system is installed on a mobile trailer with the equipment worked in water treatment. The trailer is available in any time at any place just to provide safe drinking water in need of population. Mobile water treatment runs with both the surface as well as ground water.

There is no need of transportation and even the small particles can be detected from the water during the treatment. Mobile water treatment plant runs with either one or two containers. According to the nature of water, the exact number of containers is to be used. Water comes to be purified with the help of both ways like primary treatment and secondary treatment and there are done with the help of sedimentation, sand filtration, membrane filtration and ion exchange.

Types of Mobile Water Treatment:

Mobile Reverse Osmosis Systems –Mobile reverse Osmosis systems are to be used to replace the capacity of existing RO treatment in need of interim basis. Mobile RO system can be combined with the help of Mobile UF to provide quality oriented feed water treatment. The system is processed with two trains and ancillary equipment such as pumps, instruments and controls.

 Mobile Waste Water Treatment – Mobile waste Water Treatment runs for treatment for waste water through aerobic biological treatment. With the help of conventional aerobic plant, fresh water comes from the waste water in use of aerobic biological treatment process. It is containerized system that is processed with the instruments like pumps, valves and programmable logic controller.

Mobile Water Filtration System – This kind of water filtration plant provides you a quick remedies for waste water treatment. The unit is operated with ultra filtration or reverse osmosis technology. The high quality water comes from this particular system. It is used in different industries, commercial concerns and municipalities.

Mobile Drinking Water Treatment – Mobile Drinking Water Treatment is used for emergency water filtration. This particular system is run with the membrane of UF system that can remove viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms.

Mobile Process Water Treatment – Mobile Process Water Treatment generate small drinking water plant. The plant consists of well managed containers. The containers come to very easily transported and installed. The unite processed with chemical easily sterilize the water and damage the harmful viruses and bacteria.