Water softener plant

Water softener plant is run with sodium chloride which  means salt to make hard water softened. To soften the water, water needs to be gone through resin beds, and rows of resin beds. The resin beds attached with chemical attract hard ions in the water and transform them sodium ions. It is very important to know that sodium chloride is the best component to make water soft from hardness. From time to time, water softener is washed out with salt solution when resin beds come in saturated condition. Water Softeners are easy to operate.

Why is water softener required?

Water Softener is required when hardness comes in the water either in households or in the company. Hard water brings a high risk regarding lime scale deposit in the water. As a result of that, the heating time of water comes to be more of 15 percent than the normal and even the hard water damages house machinery such as laundry machines. Water Softening makes home appliances like laundry machine safe and gives a span of life to pipelines. Even the soft water provides a new life to the heating machine.

How does a water softener plant work?

In four ways, water softener plant works according to condition of the water. Take a look below.

  1. Soda Lime Treatment
  2. Ion Exchange Resin Based
  3. Nano Filtration
  4. Reverse Osmosis