Raw Water Treatment Plant

Raw Water System is processed with a system made by several individual technologies which make the raw water system effective and valuable. It is good to know that the treatment of raw water is a strenuous process which is done with engineering to accommodate fluctuations according to the treatment needs.

An effective and well treated raw water treatment system should go under the systems. Take a look at the below.

  1. Variations seasonally with turbidity and flow
  2. Water processed according to the chemistry needs and the adjustment with chemical volumes
  3. Changing processes depending on the quality requirements

What does Raw Water System typically remove?

Raw Water System processed with technology removes the lot of unnecessary particles from the water. The suspended particles are given below.

  1. Suspended and colloidal solids – Suspended and colloidal things can be causes to bring bad smell in food and beverage and even do energy losses in the plants.
  2. Silica and colloidal silica – Silica sometimes becomes foul boiler things and they reduce the importance of plant equipment. As a result of that, they can cause product contamination.
  3. Iron – Iron causes foul tastes bring bad smell in the products. Even it can be foul in industrial processes.
  4. Bacteria – Bacteria brings sickness and fatal digestive problems. That means It make health problems with coat cooling tower components.

How does Raw Water System run?

  • Raw Water Intake – Raw water means water from rivers, lakes, ground level or oceans. When an industrial plant named SAMR Industries draws outer water by pipe, then the water is mingled with twigs, leaves and fishes. Then the water is taken to another place after pumping out. 
  • Coagulation – When the water is cleaned completely removing the bad things, then various chemicals are mixed in order to remove major suspended solids including contaminants. For the best need of process, aluminum based things such as alum and polyauminum chloride are to be used.
  • Flocculation – After the completion of coagulation, the water needs to be entered to the flocculation chamber in need of stirring of coagulated particles using long-chain polymers for creating visible particles.
  • Sedimentation – The process of sedimentation is a large circular device and with the process, flocculated material and water run into the chamber to circulate from the center out. It is very slow progressing process allowing the solids to settle at the bottom of clarifier into the blanket. Then the solids are taken into cylindrical tube in need of slow mixing process.
  • Filtration – The next step is to be processed with running water which runs through in the sand filters. The filters are made with two or three feet fined crushed silica sand in where the water is to be forced to run through trapping particles.
  • Disinfection – SAMR Industries does the disinfection process with much more skills. Disinfection or chlorination is the process to kill the bacteria in the water. In that particular system, chlorine is used massively but if bacteria sits in the bed, backwash is necessary for the filters.
  • Distribution – Generally, raw water is used in an industrial plant. For the municipal use, after treatment, water is pumped into distribution for water towers and some other distribution devices through a loop in the city.

Other effective processes:-

  1. Lime Softening – For reducing hardness in the water, lime or soda lime process is used. Basically, the process of lime soda increases the PH.  Commonly, hotter water removes high rate of hardness.
  1. Ion Exchange Softening – In Industrial and municipal plant, if water has high hardness, then post treatment is required to remove the hardness. Instead of lime soda, you can use resin which is charged by sodium ion.

SAMR Industries is the best one to treat the Raw Water through above mentioned systems one after another.