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Multiport Valve

Multiport Valve

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Applications of  MPV :- 


• Downflow Pressure Sand Filters.
• Downflow Multigrade Filters.
• Downflow Activated Carbon Filter.
• Downflow Iron Removal Filter.
• Used as 3 Way / Diverter valve.
• Suitable for service flow rates upto 80 M3 /hr. and backwash flow rates upto 120 to    130 M3 /hr.
• Option of fully automatic filters.
• Special programme available for Fully Automatic Swimming Pool filter application.


• Upflow Softeners.
• Downflow Softeners.
• Suitable for service flow rates upto 70 M3 /hr. and resin upto 5,000 ltr.s
• Option of Fully Automatic Softener.
• Option of Fully Automatic one operating one standby scheme.
• Brine tank automation.
• Special programme for Domestic Bungalow Softeners.

DM Plants

• Suitable for 2 bed DM plant
• Suitable for Mixbed operation.
• Suitable for Fully Automatic DM plants with advance regeneration features reducing    rinse water quantity.
• We can supply Fully Automatic Mix Bed.

We can offer Specialised Automation to your plant requirement

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