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Carbon Filters

Carbon Filters

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Activated Carbon Filters are manufactured using granular activated carbon of high iodine value, as media that makes them ideally suited for removal of organic matters & de-chlorination of water with free chlorine content. The use of superior grade fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) or MS _ rubber lining makes these products more durable.


  • light weight equipment

  • easy to install (does not require concrete foundation)

  • easy to install


  • Single lever operation based multi-port valve that makes it more user friendly & easy to operate

  • FRP pressure vessel & piping system that does not require maintenance


  • FRP pressure vessel that comes fitted with plastic internal fittings

  • set of plastic frontal piping that link multi-port valve / plastic ball valves to FRP vessels

  • complete charge of suitable filter media with supporting under bed media

  • one pressure vessel


  • for de-chlorination of water for industrial as well as drinking water applications

  • helps in removal of organic matter from water

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